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Monday, May 29, 2006

Good Old SJS

This is St John’s School, where I spent 11 years of my life.

How I got into this school was this, one day I was watching TV when I noticed that I couldn’t understand any of the stuff they were saying. It was all in English…so I made up my mind to learn more. My dad told me it was the 1st day of my primary 2 year in Chung Hwa Middle School when I walked into my class hand in hand with him, took one look, and told him “I want to study in an English school.”

So that was that. For some reason, I have to go through primary 1 all over again in St John’s (SJS from now on). This is why for the rest of my SJS years I was always a year older than my classmates. In my first day of school I didn’t like the idea of studying with ‘the babies of primary 1’ so I boldly walked into primary 2 class and just sat there until the homeroom teacher came in.
Obviously my name wasn’t on her lists of student and she found out I was suppose to be in primary 1 from the books I was carrying. Got kicked back into the right class. XD

St John’s School was the school that my father went to until form 3 as well. That time the school was run by a catholic priest. The school during his time was old and the church was made of wood. Today’s SJS’s church is quiet nice actually.

Now this is a good school with a good reputation for its solid curriculum back then. Fail Malay? FAIL. Fail English? FAIL. Fail Math? Guess what? FAIL! So yeah since I was very weak in malay, I had to repeat in Form 1 and Form 3. Not my happy years.


Friendships were a little difficult thing back then. I wasn’t ashamed that my parents weren’t working in some glam job at Shell. Yes, they don’t collect mercedes for a hobby or nim teh with Bill Gates, or whatever the hell rich people usually do. So what? My mother works as a house keeper, my dad is a house painter. They work hard and they put food on the table.

But for some reason, I got friends’ parents who are prejudiced about that. I still feel it today. Yes, they smile and say hello, but I can feel underneath that mask they will do the best they can to keep me from their son/daughter. Like I got malaria or the black plague.

Like talking on the phone and the parent would pick up the other one and put an end to our conversation. Or fail to invite us into their house during CNY and their daughter had to entertain her friends outside the house on the patio.

Or how about telling me not to ‘sit too close’ to their son while playing games (I was holding the magazine with the fighting combos and he was tapping away.) Geez, lady, we’re playing PS2 games, not spin the fuck bottle.

I’m not saying that there weren’t any good friends but when I repeated Form 3, I slowly began to see who my real friends were. My usual ‘gang’ stopped inviting me to ‘hang out’. I slowly lost touch with them because of their superficiality. If they stopped talking to me cuz their parents say “Dun talk to the girl who failed her malay or else you might fail your malay too.” Fine by me. It’s not their fault if their parents were like that. I couldn’t give a shit.

Despite all that, I got good friends too who I still talk to and occasionally hang out today. Funny thing, Patricia and I weren’t very close back in school. Maybe it’s because she was my junior. Haha. Siao Mei Mei (small sister) Whahahahaha. Then there’s also Aaron who never changes. Ho Woei Lin who I can always count on. Leonard who I can trust 120%. (Len, you get to have my diaries when I am no longer around in this world. Ha.) Siew Huey, the girl with the same corny sense of humour as I have. Druba, like batman, knows all, hears all, but no one knows how. Desmond, we still geek out with MTG nights and games.

Good people, living good lives surrounded by good friends with good memories. This is what I got from good old SJS, it was more than just text book.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

May All Mothers Be Blessed…God knows they deserve it

I’m a female and one day I may or may not be one. Heck I’m ½ mother already to my sisters so I’m not afraid of future childcare horrors.

“What? You swallowed a torch? Who’s torch? Daddy’s torch? Well, at least now you don’t have to be afraid of the dark anymore.”

Anyway, today is not about me, today is all about Mothers. Old mothers, young mothers, hawt mothers, single mothers, tired mothers, adopted mothers, grandmothers, the mother you never knew, the mother you thought you knew, yeah, all of them.

My mom had a though time with her first two born kids. First one (me) couldn’t wait to see the fire works and insisted in witnessing the coming of the new year. There ya go, one end of the year baby. Only I was born on the 30th, not the 31st.

Mom thought maybe she would be a bit luckier the next round. Well, she was kinda.

My brother came along 5 years later. Smack in the middle of the Chinese New Year Celebrations. How lucky is that? He was the heaviest baby in the ward at the time. Go figure. He’s now a 6 feet tall walking sack of meat.

My mother and I never understand each other. I ceased understanding her when I was about 13 or 14, when she said that one of my sketches looked horrible. Okay, I was 2/3 spoiled at the time. Moving on.

When we were kids, she loved to experiment in cooking and feed us all sort of stuff. My brother and I would laugh over her dishes, cooked up oh so long time ago in her small kitchen of the maid quarters in the Panaga area.

Let’s see…there was the roast chicken in this tiny roasting oven she got. It was black on the outside and raw in the inside. Then there was the pizza where the crust was so hard, we used steak knives to saw through it. In the end we just ate the toppings. (>_<)

Mom is also a superwoman and a ½. When she’s not out rescuing her clients from dust bunnies, she out conquering Shah Bandar (a nature reserve with 11 hills, nature’s creation to challenge you into a fitter lifestyle, or kill you.) with her group of superhero friends. They are the Hashing League. They go out every Wednesdays evenings, fighting bugs and leeches, clay caked hills and muddy paths all in the name of health and fitness. She comes back home grinning from ear to ear. Captain Planet would salute her.

Okay, I admit, my mom is one good looking gal. I guess she’s a tad disappointed that I didn’t follow her footsteps. My dad would tell me stories of how he won mom from her string of admirers. Okay, he might be stretching it a bit, but heck, who cares, its fun to listen. I’ve seen pictures of my mom when she was at my age. There’s little Lady Knife beside her, looking like a teeny tiny whiny chinesey girl with her bob cut. My mom was already a mom of two kids at my age. Damn. I don’t know if I have that kind strength, yet…

I want to say to my mother today “Thanks mom for raising us and putting up with all our crap.”

But I didn’t…cuz she’ll think I’m being sarcastic.

So I bought her flowers instead. Words she might not understand, but actions, yeah, louder than words. Anytime.