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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Where Did the Little Girl Go?

When I was a school girl I’ve always planned my actions. I would map out what I would do or what class I would attend afterschool or when I’m gonna save enough for an item.

Sometimes I miss that girl. She also has this large blue folder that acts as an organizer since she was primary 6 and continued using it till she graduated form 5.

She also had a cute calender filled with birthdays, exams and other important events of the year. She was also quiet a pack rat. There’s like 6 shoe boxes filled with junk locked in her closet.

How I wish that girl is here with me right now. She would know what to do, when to visit the museums and library of the capital, where and what to eat and she would never be late for work.

I bet she would have recorded in their diary on how living alone without friends or family aroudn has taken its toll on her. How the four bare walls in her room made her felt claustrophobic.

She would wonder who would bring her chicken ginger porridge when she is sick and who would worry about her if she never returned home from the night before.

A few times she wished there was someone with her when she cruised the capital at night enjoying the beautiful night lights reflected in the waters of kampung Ayer.

Thinking how monotonous her job is and only a steady stream of customers would make her shift go a little faster.

She loves her independence but the freedom has made her numb. There is no school to go to her shifts are forever changing so she seldom plans for anything more than which days to sleep in and when to do her laundry.

Well, basically there's not much for her to do now anymore.

Should I go for more activities? Maybe meeting new people is always an exciting thing but its not kindergarden anymore. It’s not like I could share the same sandbox with someone new and we instant become friends.

I can’t stand superficial people and do you know how many are they roaming the capital? Lots!

You can toss a stone into a crowd and hit no less than 3. At Chills or at Dome, they are there, ready to judge.

So yeah, no sandbox for them. Thank you very much.

Its hard to make new friends. Friends I can trust, friends I can hang out and laugh about the same stuff with. I’m not that all easy to get along sometimes. I mean sometmies I lose my temper and sometimes I tend to put my foot in my mouth and a lot of times I tend to overreact (yeah, drama queens would love me.)

God, I miss my pals back in KB. Effy, Shikin and Pat, guys, I can’t wait to see you all again.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Episodes : 1 – 25
Rated: 7.5/10

Taniyama Mai, a young energetic 1st year student who has a passion for the supernatural and horror stories, accidentally injured a strange person while she was snooping around an old haunted school building. The person turned out to be the assistant of Shibuya Kazuya, head of the Shibuya Psyhic Research. Since he turned out to be such a narcisstic, arrogant and cold, he was thus nick named by Mai, ‘Narcisstic Naru-Chan’.

For some reason she was convinced to work in place of the injured (sprained ankle) assistant. They are joined by the following spiritual specialists.

Takigawa Houshou, a monk or more precisely hakaisou (a monk who left his, er, monkly duties?) from Mt.Kouya. Incidentally Mt.Kouya is a place in Japan that is considered to be scared and holy, with powerful spiritual essence. That’s why monks from there are revered and considered to be the real deal.

Matsuzaki Ayako, a miko (Shrine Maiden), and was immediately questioned by the rather arrogant Kazuya on her authenticity. I would too, because I’ve always thought shrine maidens are young pure innocent virgin girls. She looks a bit too saucy and ‘mature’ to be a genuine miko.

John Brown, an Australian priest specializing in exorcism. Why John Brown? If they added John Smith, it couldn’t be more typical example of a western name. John Brown… seriously although I liked this character more than the others. I don’t know why. Maybe I have a thing for priests? *sweat*

Hara Masako, a spirit channeler. This character is just about as narcisstic and arrogant as Naru-chan himself, so it’s not suprising when she shows signs of attraction towards Shibuya Kazuya himself.

Lin, (for those who understand chinese, plz don’t make fun of Lin’s name or else he’ll become tu lan lin) the capable assistant of Naru-chan. Later in the series you will see what his skills really are when it comes to the paranormal.

The concept is simple, they are like detectives and people hire them to solve unexplained mysteries and occurances.

Basically the whole series is a collection of ghostly or paranormal cases presented and solved by the Shibuya Psyhic Research. The overall quality of the animation is passable and not very original when it comes to character designs but this just sets the stage for the extraordinary storyline. The script is written well and leaves little room for further questioning as each story is revealed.

If you liked the ghost stories you use to hear about as a kid, I’m sure you’ll find that the Japanese animates your inner child well.

For further info here’s the wiki link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_Hunt_%28anime%29