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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Excapade Sushi
(No, not escape with the sushi)

There's a lot of sushi restaurants mushrooming around Brunei but my fav is still Excapade Sushi. Their first restaurant opened in Kuilap. It use to be an old coffee shop where my friends and I once hung out. Plus I use to live just 100 metres away, in the staff hostel right above the old Dee Jay shop.

Ever since I moved back to KB, I missed the food there until...tada! They opened their own branch in KB itself. Wooooot!

What I like about this place is that there's no stuffiness or snob atmosphere of some sushi places I've been. The place is comfortable, cosy and crowded. XD

Sometimes my friends and I have to reserve a place just to eat there. Yes, it's that popular.

Not only the food is nice (ingredients brought in from Japan) but there's an interesting variety for everyone. I'm spoilt for choice usually. Plus sometimes they make different kinds of maki or rolls or dishes apart from the menu to put on the choo choo train.

David and I went there for lunch today. Hehee, yes, the fella is back from Australia for his cousin's wedding.

Here's some of my favourite dishes.

Here's some of David's preference...or something he just felt like eating at the time.

Hehehe, finish liao!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Full Metal Alchemist
The Movie : Conqueror of Shamballa

"Tu tooo lu tu loooo, hm? What's this? Full Metal? I already watched the whole thing... what? Oh, it's the movie?...The Movie!?!?"

Yes, I dunno if it recently came out or a few years ago and I just never heard of it. Nevertheless, FMA is one of my favourite manga/anime series. It sits on my list of favourites right next to Ran Ma 1/2, Fruit Basket and One Piece.

You get a pretty nifty cover. One is a DVD with the movie and the other is a CD of FMA sountrack from the series. Although everything on the cover looks legit but I still have my doubts. It's hard to find real originals in Brunei that doesn't cost you an arm and 1/2 your spleen. This one cost me $12.

What? $12? But the movie on the pirated VCD ver is only $3. I know, I know, but I much rather have something that I can keep for a while instead of having it lasting only 6 mths and then turn into crap the next 6 mths.

WARNING: Do not watch this movie unless you have finished watching the series or else you will have no idea what is actually going on. Same, if you continue reading this entry, it will be a spoiler for your if you HAVE NOT FINISHED WATCHING THE SERIES. If you dun care about spoilers anyway, then just go ahead reading.

The story basically is this. It's been two years since the last episode of the series. Edward and his brother Alphonse are in seperate parallel worlds and they are their best to find a way back to reunite.

Edward ends up in Berlin and finds that he cannot use alchemy anymore. He helps out working with rockets to see if it's a way for him to get back. There he meets up with many people he recognize although they are not who they were in his world. He even meets up with those who are suppose to be dead.

Alphonse is now an experienced alchemist in his own right and journeys on his own to find a way to get back his brother. He has no memory of the past 4 years, the time when he spent with Edward travelling in search of a way to restore their original bodies. Alphonse looks remarkably like Edward from his pony tail down to the boots he wears. Alphonse amazing alchemy ability reminds one of his brother's talent as well. One wonders if this is the side effect of using the Philosopher's Stone.

In this movie we also get to see what happened with the other chars that played such an important roles in the series. Roy Mustang (he was my fav char in FMA) was not the man he once was. Alex Armstrong is still same as ever *glitter glitter* *swt swt swt* Winry is as lovely as ever.

Watch it. It ties up many of the loose ends left behind by the series and even created a new road of the brothers to travel...whethertogether or not, well, you will just have to find out now, won't you?

Whatever the outcome is, it's really satisfying and didn't disappoint me one bit. Truly Full Metal Alchemist to the end.

Friday, July 07, 2006

*Snap* *Snap* *Snappity* *Snap*

Sorry for not blogging much lately. I seem to have nothing to blog about these days...not surprsing though, this coming form someone who works in a boring job of a boring company in the boringest part of Brunei Darussalam.

There was a black out last saturday though. It only lasted a few hours from around 12 midnight to 3 am. It was nice cuz I spent most of it imagining I was in an era where there is no electricity, when ppl used oil lamps and candles. I also made a wax ball from melted wax of my candle.

No Electricity = Bored Woman in the Dark

At least in Temburong I can go hunt animals or fry insects or something. What is there to do in Kuala Belait? Ab-so-lute-ly nothing! Well, of course there's always Miri, but so sien visit Miri...nothing to do there also but to drink and get wasted.

So what am I doing now? Being trigger happy that's what I'm doing. I just got a new Nokia N80 and let me tell you, it's sweet. 3 megapix baby yeah! It's about time my blog gets clearer better pics.

This is all taken in chronological order so it's a bit random. I'm just putting the ones that aren't :-

A. Shakey
B. Dark
C. Pointless, nothing to see at all kind of pics taken by bored user.

Today I went to Bandar with Shikin. We didn't have anything to do so went to catch a movie instead at the Mall. Superman, RV, Recycle...bleh...nothing much so we hamtam pick one, 'Grandma's Boy'. It turned out to be freaking hilarious though.

36yr old game tester got kicked out his house by landlord cuz his roomate spent all the rent money on hookers. With no where to go, he moved into his grandmother's house and that's where all the trouble starts of course. It's a comedy where you get an inside look of how a loser/geek/nerd adult life is like. There's absolutely no story line here. It's more like you're watching a very entertaining bunch of monkeys.

But it's freaking hilarious. Ever watch 'Dude Where's My Car?' the concept is similar. Lots of funnies, little sense. Out of 10 I rate this movie : -

Story Line = 0.5

Funny Factor = 7.5

Total = 8.0

Was it worth my $5 + $3 popcorn? Not really, it's worth a $5 DVD 9 but not a one night stand cinema ticket. I rather hold out for Pirates of the Carribean 2. Jonny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightly, oh yeah.