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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Where Have I been?

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Well, more than a while even. I didn’t even finish blogging about my trip to KL last year which I felt was getting a bit draggy.

The only thing left worth mentioning was the trip to Genting Highlands which was very cold and very interesting. I got an ang pow there thanks to Uncle Lim. Hehehe. There are several rules to abide to when one is at the casino (it’s nothing james bond about it, no tux, no cocktails, but got free milo) that is not to stand behind anyone looking at their hand, not to make noise or bump or ask “why he do that for?”. Seriously, some people who go there to gamble are really into it, don’t play play. Also absolutely no picture taking allowed, unless you want to be escorted to the VIP back room for a little chat.

I loved the scenery in Genting Highlands though. Misty and wet, even the vegetation changed somewhat to more fern than flora. Overall, it was a nice trip,

There are no excuses for my long absence, just that I took a needed break from the blogsphere. All the loading of the pics, thinking of what to type about even when I don’t even feel like typing anything at all is just taxing.

So here I am again after nearly 5 months to blog again. Nothing in particular though, just a few things here and there that I thought is worth mentioning.

The past few festivities were of nothing much worth mentioning. Christmas came and gone where I got a monkey figure & monkey cup from my family. Grandma came to Brunei from Merudi and we all went out to take pictures at the NBT display. New year’s eve I spent alone at the hostel toasting to the dawn of a new year with vodka ice and a fruit cocktail dessert.

Chinese New Year was more interesting when I decided to join mum to go Miri to visit my relatives there along. Grandma was there, active as ever, chatting away with us all. I visited my uncle’s new house which is pretty nice but looks exactly the same as all the others in the neighbourhood. What can I say, suburban development. Sure wasn’t easy to find his house.

One thing that makes it worth going all the way to Miri to spend CNY is the fireworks. Oh, the fireworks. It was amazing. Maybe I’ll go again next year.

Other than all that, there’s really nothing much interesting been happening to me lately. I miss my friends in KB terribly and I don’t hang out late as much as I use to. I just stay cooped up inside my room playing PS2 games most of the time. Even my RO time has taken a step back since I no longer plan my own shifts and that I cannot play RO in the shop anymore. (Not with my exec around and online 24/7 on her laptop. *sigh*)

I don’t go online after 12 usually because there isn’t a phone line in the hostel at my disposal. So yeah, socially in real life and online, everything just kinda took a step backwards. Only now I have a car. I just go back and forth from work and that’s it. I don’t have that many friends in Bandar as I used to. So yeah…it kinda made me wonder how I survived those two years living in BSB without a car. *heh*

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to get back into blogging action so look forward to more posts in the future. ^_^