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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Coffee, Tea or Tomato?

Last Saturday I went on an overdue family trip to Bandar Seri Bergawan. On the way we would usually have breakfast at the ‘mien tang’ (hawker stand) in Seria but I bought some dim sum instead and so we skipped that idea.

Thing is I was the one hankering for a chou kuay teow with hor pau tan (stir fried noodles with egg sunny side up) which is stupid cuz I work only 10 mins away from Seria and could get that anytime. Maybe it’s cuz my dad and I had developed this habit of having breakfast there everytime he send me back to my hostel back in my private college days.

So when we passed Sungai Liang there’s a tiny café there which, according to mom, sells really good stir fried noodles. I was thinking of getting some when my drove into the parking lot and asked me to ta pau 2 milo and 1 kopi for her and my sisters.

Got out of the car, walked to the tiny establishment, lo behold, it full of old men, sitting around ‘yum char’ (drink tea) or ‘pak toh’ (dating) for all I know. They all looked at me as if I am the first female to step into the place since 1964.

“Hell, no, not ordering any food from here. Dunno they drug me with it and later sell my meat to make char siew pau with.”

Walked to the counter, “Lau Pan (boss), can I have two cups of milo and 1 cup of kopi to go?” ”Sorry, we dun sell by cups, we sell by bottles.”

Bottles? So special ar? Ok lah.

*wait wait wait*

“Ok, here ya go. $2.60 please.”

“Here, ok…thank…you?”

The guy handed me a plastic bag with 3 large glass bottles of maggi chilli and tomato sauce. Nga? What the…? Then upon closer inspection... *PFFFF!!!*

These people put the coffee into the bottles. Do they actually expect ppl to drink out of this? What the hell?Poor mom, she chug it down with real gutso but I bet the other drivers are wondering why there’s a lady drinking maggi sauce while driving.

Who needs red bull, eh? Got tomato faloured coffee le, real kick. >_<

Friday, June 16, 2006

House of Dreams

I logged into hotmail and this tickle headline popped up at me "What's Your Ideal Home?"

Why not?

Click click click click click cli...

[30 clicks later]

The Results! Ta da!:

"Lady Knife, your fantasy home is a Sophisticated Sanctuary
Whether you get your inspiration from the latest home and garden magazines or count solely on your own instincts, you bring a sophisticated sensibility to the hearth.

It's clear you take pride in the presentation of your home and see it as an extension of your personal style and great taste. From the décor to the ambiance, your abode set a scene that's as understated and stylish as you are.

Entertaining at your place is sure to be a memorable and classy event no matter if it's a BBQ in the backyard or a weekend brunch. And that never goes out of style! "

I found a pic to suit the description as well.

Nice le?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pirated Paris Hiltons

I often wondered what goes on behind a Paris Hilton copy cat’s mind. More or less I would like to walk up to them and ask if they play MMORPG. You know the kind of girls I’m talking about. The kind you can picture when you listen to songs like ‘My Hump’ from Black Eyed Peas. Salon hair dos, mini skirts, immaculate nails, original Gucci bags and Prada shoes.

Probably one day at a swank party I would be introduced to a group of such girls. They would have sassy cute names like Missy, Miffy and Millie. Then later I find out that one of the Missy’s boyfriend has a game I wanted to try out real bad.

Me: Er, Missy, can I ask if you can…
Missy: Oh my gooooood! Who told you about my new honey boy? I mean, it’s was totally a secret you know.
Me: Ar?
Millie: Oh tell us Missy, I love a good secret, tell, tell, tell, pretty please pleeeeeeeeease.
Miffy: Yah Missy, dun be such a bitch and tell us already.
Millie: Oh my goooooood, Miffy! You said the b-word, you’re such a whore.
Miffy: Well, you were, like, thinking it!
Millie: Yeah, but you said it!

*lots of giggles*

Gooooooood help me then, give me the strength not to smack them with their own Gucci bags.