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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Heart Bamboo Fun

Recently I became the proud owner of a brand new Wacom Bamboo Fun.

This is something that is beyond my imaginings because I've always thought a tablet is too hardcore for me. That it's something people use to actually make a living out of their art.

Haslin convinced me otherwise. She volunteered her brother's Wacom Graphire4 tablet for me to try out. At first I was really skeptical about the outcome. Sure it helps an artist to lineart and especially colour their stuff but does it really help since I'm mostly doing pencil art?

Yes it does help, people. It helps ALOT.

Think of this. For years you've been cutting grass by HAND using the traditional sickle. Then one day your friend decided to lend you his lawn mower.

BAM! Now you know you've only been fooling yourself.

This is how good it is. Work is cleaner smoother and done faster. No more fiddling with the scanner's settings or wasting loads of paper to practice on. No more buying pencils, pens, markers and copics. No more end of the world when you make a whoopsie on a piece of art.

I had to get one of my own.

For a while I've looked for one and the only ones I can find are small sized ones OR the medium but really expensive ones. Singapore was the only place that has medium sized Wacom Bamboo Fun which is the one I wanted. It has the right size and price range. I had the means but not the location. XD

It's all thanks to Haslin who volunteered to get me one when she went visiting Singapore during the chinese new year. EEEeeeee! Joy of joys!

She even got me a discount and a tablet carrier bag. (I heart you so much girl!)

What are the resulting stuff I've been able to create from the Bamboo Fun? Check it out! ^_^