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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Clown & Beach sketch

Just a quick update on my latest sketches.

The Clown (Pencil)


The Beach (Inked)


Friday, October 10, 2008

Back To Basics

As you know I haven't updated since God knows when. I know, I know, I was keep up on my updating for a while and after that I just seem to disappear.

A lot has been happening at work and it just keeps on coming. If not the cycle of staff quitting and staff hiring and staff training and staff quitting again, then it's something to do with the big renovation of the shop. I'm actually happy with this because I've been frustrated with the junk that's been accumulating in the shop. I dunno about the other girls, but seriously, do you think it's worth saving every cute looking paper clip and almost used up roll of string?

I even volunteered to clear the junk out a few times and yet, I was told "oh, just sabar (be patient), wait till the renovation."

That was 6 months ago.

Ok, I admit that I'm something of a pack rat as well, saving everything from old receipts to broken door knobs. But hey, at least it's my junk in my room. Not my junk in someone's way. Seriously, the new girls leave their junk everywhere and my exec and I are getting increasingly frustrated with them. (Not that her Execness doesn't have her bits of junk here and there as well.)

These new girls. *bleh* There was this one time, she used my exec slippers at work while cleaning, then when she's done and changed back to her heels, she just toss the slippers into the counter. I was shocked! Immediately I asked her, "Eh...dang, bisai jua you throw ppl's barang, ah. Next time I use your barang I also throw throw here and there, suka hati ku, ok?"

Baru dia terasa.

I mean come on la, just because you're raised with your mother and amah picking up after you doesn't give you the right to treat your work place like your home.

Then there's the issue of one of them having transport problems, so she wants to live with me in the hostel for the next 3 weeks. Yikes. I should get my room ready as soon as possible. (Translation: Clean my shit up!)

Did you know that out of 4 lights, 3 of them konked out? I should get them replaced as soon as possible. I'm tired of romantic candle light. XD

Recently without a camera or photoshop, I have no digital outlet for my artistic self, sooooo, Back to Basics! I'm back using pencil and paper again. Not that I've stopped using them, just that for a long long time I've been using Photoshop to edit my sketches to make them look finished. I really miss photoshop, all the stuff I can do, all the brushes I had downloaded. *sigh* It just doesn't seem to work right anymore on my laptop.

Good thing about going back to basics is that I've started hunting up art supplies again which is always fun. I found this shop with great inking pens ranging from 0.1 to 0.8 and they are really good, quick dry, no smudge when erasing, pens. I'm planning on getting more.

Of course, as another artistic outlet, I've been scanning and posting my art stuff online for crit and comments in a forum called Manga Tutorial Forums. There's this thread where they present a theme each week and you are challenged to make an original character according to the theme.






At the moment I'm working on last week's theme (I suggested it and it was taken! Woot! Fun!) which was 'clowns' and this week's theme which is 'Beach'. I'm wondering what I should do for beach though, cuz everyone just submits beach babes in bikini. I want to do something else.

Oh well, I'm sure something will come up.