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Monday, April 27, 2009

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS7

Most of you know I've been combing the market for a digital camera for a while now.

After reading the 37th online review and 19th comparison reviews, I've settled for either a Canon or Panasonic.

Now a few years ago I wouldn't even consider Panasonic. I'd scoff at it even.

But when I read more reviews and actually used a couple of them, I realised, hey, they are not so bad after all.

Actually the Panasonic Lumix cameras have really come up into the world of digital photography in terms of making durable yet quality point-and-shoot cameras. With the power of the internet, people now know more, expect more and honestly realised they deserve more.

With the economy being as bad as it is today, the big brands are producing smaller, more user friendly and more multi functional cameras faster than you can say, "CHEESE!" So not so surprisingly, all the sudden the prices started dropping and I don't mean a small 'plop' drop. I mean like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay drop.

Five years ago, these babies at 6 mega pixels would cost you a whooping $800 easy. Today you can get 10 megapixels for as cheap as $200 plus. Even more pleasantly, they start giving better stuff with each sale. Camera bag, memory card, extra battery....competition is that fierce these days.

So, I've settled on either a Canon or a Panasonic. Actually I also pondered about Sony but then again, Sony is like a status symbol more than anything. Plus their touch screen feature is not so appealing. It's fun but a hassle to use and Lord only knows how long that will last in my family's hands.

I'm not looking for the Ferrari of cameras, I'm looking for the Toyota of cameras.

In the end, I bought the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS7.

In blue.

I'm no pro in taking pictures. I just want to take what I see.

Sometimes it's frustrating when I see something beautiful but when I take a picture of it, the end result is always something stupid. When I moaned and groaned about this to Effy, she suggested I get a semi-pro cam. It's tempting, real tempting, but honestly, I don't think I should... yet, cuz after all I want a family oriented cam where it's easy and durable for everyone to use.

So here's the results of my first day of taking pics with it.






These a the few of my favourites I took that day.

So now I got a camera now, expect me to be a more active blogger. ^_^ Cheers!