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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Santa Pimp My Ride!

You know it's that time of the year where you walk around the shopping mall and wonder, "Hmm...what should I get for my special someone?"

Wanna talk about gifts? How about something red? Something shiny? Something SEXY?

Then Santa, please pimp my ride.

This is Patricia's car.

She just got it today.

I was thinking...

"...I want one too..."

"How? Can...I got plan. Go marry damn rich guy."

"Yeah lor, then buy FLYING CAR! Hah, that will show Santa."

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas At Home...

This is our xmas tree. It's about 6 ft tall. I helped my sisters just set it up yesterday. Mom helped them decorate it. Looks nice doesn't it? Brings back lots of memories. This tree was given to us by my mom's boss when he went back to Holland after his contract in Brunei finished. It's been wif us since 1994, wow, 11 years.

Of course, we have our own local flair in decorating Christmas trees here... like a chilli perhaps?

I noticed this year, Mom did away wif all the old decorations. The paper lanterns my bro and I made when we were in sunday school were missing.

Her fav xmas candle figures are still around though.

I remember a Christmas eve when my mom took my bro and sisters to church. Dad was working in the Capital that time and didn't have the time to come back to a holiday he didn't believe in (dad's a free thinker). It was raining hard outside, I would have a cup of milo, turn out all the lights except for the ones on the xmas tree and sing "I'm dreaming of a wet christmas..." while watching the special programs on TV.

Yep, tis the season people. I feel like decorating a coconut tree or something.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Merry Christmas Ladies & Gentlemen. (Bleh Version)

It’s December again. The last month, when businesses wrap up their accounts, the holiday month, the month of bitter cold or rainy monsoon, the month of celebration and all that jazz.

It’s also my birthday month. I’ve been wondering about that for a while now. Why was I born on the 2nd last day of the year? Why not on new year’s eve? But then I thought, does it even matter? No, not really. Just wondering, you know? Haha. My mother use to say that I couldn’t wait to see the New Year. Bleh.

Christ was born on the 25th of Dec. Why 25th? Then again, why not? Would it be just as meaningful if he was born on the 8th of June? *heh* I guess so. God didn’t invent the calendar, we did. Go figure. No wonder it doesn’t work properly. Come on la, leap year? Bleh.

My family wasn’t born into Christianity. My mom started bringing my bro and I to church one Sunday (I was 10, bro was 5) and that was that. To tell you the truth I have no idea of ½ the things we did at church that time. I was just a kid. When I was in Primary 4 I was so scared of failing that year that I prayed for nothing else but to pass my exams. In the end I did pass and my faith was sealed. Like I said, I was only 10 at the time.

As a kid I’ve always knew there is a God but I didn’t know I have to go for confessions to him or that I have to go for Holy Communion. I mean does doing those things bring me closer to God? Would He only recognize me when I go to Mass? I don’t think so. Actually I think this free will thing is that God dun give a rat’s ass with what we do as long as we recognize and love him and his creations.

But of course, that is just what I think. Heh. Bleh.

Our Christmas tree when I was a kid, was the middle wooden pole holding up our part of the house. I would stick pins and thumb tacks in the middle of the pole with Christmas decoration and pretend it’s a tree. I would put a list of things I wish for in a new sock and also stick it on the xmas pole. It’s always the next morning the sock would be gone and a present would be sitting there. Heh. I didn’t mind it wasn’t what I wanted because was too ecstatic that HE came. Who? Duh, Santa of course. Bleh.

That time we were living in the maid quarters of Panaga while my mom worked for a Dutch family. At the time, most of the people living in Panaga are from Holland. It’s not surprising that they also have their own traditional celebrations. Like a Saint Nick with his black elves, throwing candy at good little kids while they run through the area. At bad kids, I hear, they throw coal and pebbles. But then I dun think they actually did that. What if the bad kid happened to be the son of Saint Nick’s Boss’s?

“I’ll see you Monday morning, Nick.” *gulp* Hehe. Bleh.

This year I’ll be taking a 5 day leave for xmas. Not sure what I’ll be doing yet because the same thing happens every year. Dad would be at home watching TV with a beer. Mom would be at Church with the choir. My sisters would either be with her at Church or watching TV at home. Only God knows what my brother will be doing, working probably. I know I’ll be going for WOE (Ragnarok) on xmas eve. Heh. Bleh.

I’ve been invited several times to spend xmas at KL. It sounds awfully tempting (I hear some places in KL rawk during xmas.) but sad to say I’m in no financial position to go. Maybe next Christmas. Bleh.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!! ^_^

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Plea for the Pets Exposed to the Abuse of Humanity

A bark of help for the pets of the animal kingdom. Please place your vote here. It's a petition to the prime minister for applying harsher fine/punishment for abusers of animals.

Furry friends who trusted us to take care of them, instead they are exposed to the most inhuman treatment I've ever heard of.

note: I know the img is not there for some reason, but the link works, so just click on it anyway.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Late Date with Miri

I thank God that I’ve taken leave on Friday to get ready for Pat’s Chinese reception in Miri.

Woke up late that day and after a shower I started packing for the overnight stay. Passport, check, towel, check, toothbrush check…hmmm feels like I’ve forgotten something…

My dress~!

Effy and Shikin messaged me and we arranged to go to the salon together after I pick up my new dress from Yvonne’s Mom, who tailored my dress. I was so excited. Actually I just wanted to trim, wash and blow dry my hair straight. But then Shikin mentioned ‘Set’ I was like ‘Set?’ what? The three of us one set have discount kah? Yes I was that damn blur ok?

Effy was signaling to me *Hello? Set? Like make hair pretty and curly and cute?*

Oh~! *Smack on the head*

After the hot curling, Shikin went off to work. So, Effy and I continue to another salon to get our nails done. We went to the Korean House of Nails. Well…actually there is no such place, Effy just made it up, but it sounds classy, eh?

Nails done, bag packed, dressed nicely steamed and we’re all on our way to Miri with Wandi as the driver.

Aaron messaged me “Where are u guys? It’s late already.”

DUH~! You think we want to be late ah? No choice mah. Some people have to work for a living what.

Anyway, checked into the hotel, changed and got ready in our room, everyone rushing about, doing their make up, zipping up dresses, strapping on heels. Off we go, down the elevator and into the ballroom where the party was.

There was a live band. Woohoo! Music was good, food was good and everyone was feeling good. It was a great time.

Took pictures after the dinner. Lovely couple eh?

After the initial polite manners and chit chat, we all went up again to change to our more casual clothes to par-tay in Cherry Berries. (What to do? This is Miri we’re talking about.)

Okay, whatever happens in Cherry Berries, STAYS in Cherry Berries. Heh.

Off we go back to the hotel to snooze the night away. Next evening back to the normality of our life in Kuala Belait.

Helloooo Brunei.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Married be Patricia

3rd Day: The Sanding (san-ding, not sand-ing)

The last day of their malay wedding ceremony, the sanding, which is where they get to be King and Queen for the day. (True, it’s called Raja Sehari)

It was hot day and the smart guests brought traditional fans to cool themselves. Those who wasn’t smart enough to bring one and worst, decided to wear a black baju kurung for the scorching occasion, hai…, dunno what to say.

Yes, I was the fanless dum dum in black.

They also had the traditional Hadrah which was entertaining for Shikin, Tini and I, in more ways than one. (One of the better looking Hadrah guys was looking at our direction, but we could be imagining it.)

Before we were cooked to ‘well done’, Hamdani came out to the tents to greet all the guests. I’ve always been a sucker for guys in baju cara melayu (and any kind of uniforms, traditional Chinese outfits, formal wear, in good jeans, dress shirts, three piece suits…er…okay…) So Hamdani scored a prefect 10 from his shiny shoes to his super lipstick smile.

Then they started the doa. Okay, keep in mind that we’ve been cooking since 11am to 12.30 noon. We’re hot and thirsty. This is because after the 1st doa we immediately stood up (the 3 of us) and was gonna head for the drinks. Thing is…no one else stood up and to our embarrassment there was another doa before the makan. We couldn’t help laughing and giggling all through the 2nd doa. Dammit we were so embarrassed.

After the eats we head for the main house for photos and air con. There I met my long ago classmate who also happens to be the cousin of Hamdani, Fadzillah. After we chatted a bit, we went inside to the living room where the pelamin is to have our picture taken with the King and Queen.

Patricia looked so lovely in her gold coloured gown…*sigh*

Now, all that’s left is the swinging Chinese reception in Miri coming tomorrow. I can’t wait *grin* It’s gonna be at Grand Palace Hotel too.