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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Second Home

After 7 days from the sanding, there’s one last ceremony left. I dun remember what it’s called but I’m guessing something like ‘Returning Home’. This is when Wandi will bring his lovely bride, Shikin, back to his house.

I’ve been to Wandi’s house several times but only entered once. Funny how all these years I’ve lived so close to Shikin, Effy and pat but never knew that much about them until our hostel days together. I knew Patricia from school but she wasn’t that long in SJS and I only remember her as this funny girl who pops up once in a while.

Anyway I’m digress, so, first I went to Shikin’s house and I helped her put on her make up cuz the make up artist wouldn’t be coming for that occasion. I guess I did alright, nothing really compared to what the make up artist did but good enough. Haha. It’s fun applying make up on my friends. Effy too, I love to make her girly. Haha, I guess it’s because I can still remember her during the time when I first met her. She was a very serious looking girl. Many people wrongly assume that Effy’s the elder sister and Shikin the younger.

** Haha, jagan marah Effy, mua mu serious masa tu what, kau lagi tinggi daripada Shikin. Takut ku liat mua mu dulu, macam kan makan orang, masa ni, makan orang pulang tapi species jenis laki, dalam dark corners lagi tu. Hahahaha. **

So once the couple was ready, we all set off, convoy to Wandi’s house where then tents are still there, and all the makanan was prepared. The couple was seated in the pelamin of the groom’s side and pictures were taken. There was some traditional gifts set in front of the pelamin too, sacks of rice, oil, kitchen utensils…wifey stuff. Then the couple greeted or salam all the elders and guests. After a quick prayer it was time to dig in.

Wah, I still remember the food from that day, seriously, the sambal got real kick le. I still like Shikin & Effy’s mom’s sambal and chenchalu, but the food that nite was not bad also. Then there’s Aiman…who I seriously think is in love with Effy la. It seems like she’s the only one who can understand him and he keeps dragging her here and there and showing her stuff. Maybe it was puppy love at first sight. Maybe he’s already planning Effy’s pelamin. Whahahahaha.

After most of the guests have eaten and went home, some stayed back and started to kareoke. Okay, this is something I always wondered, if it’s not the song ‘Isabella’ it’s always this dangdut song starting with the lyrics, “Jatuh bagun ~” I dun know what the song is called but I swear, every malay wedding I’ve been to or can hear (especially when they are my neighbours) sure will have either one or both songs. Must be real popular wedding songs.

Tired but happy, everyone of us went to our respective homes. (Except Shikin of course, being the bride, she has to spend the night at Wandi’s house.) Hmm, I dunno what more I can wish Wandi & Shikin, except that may your cup always be full and your plate never empty and that your years together will grow richer than the year before. *kampai!* XD

Also, in happy days, in sad days, in good days and in bad days, remember whatever day it is, your friends and family are always near by. ^_^ Congrats chabo!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Sanding

Got up quiet early this time because it’s an important day where the most guests would attend. This day is the ‘sanding’ where Wandi and Shikin is ‘Raja and Raja Isteri’ (King & Queen) for a day.

Effy and I head off to Helen’s to get our hair set for the day. We were bridesmaids mah, must make up pretty pretty also le. Hahaha. But they say 3 times a bridesmaid, never a bride. >_<

Then the groom, Wandi, arrived also dressed in blue. His car was escorted by an entourage of bikers. Before entering the house he made the customary ‘3 rounds’.
Inside seated beside Shikin on the pelamin, *sigh* it finally hit me that they are husband and wife liao.
When everyone has eaten liao they all gathered to cheer on the newly weds who stood at the balcony at front of their house. After the noise, the crowd, the food, all gone, then finally everyone took a well earned rest. We viewed what Effy took on her camcorder. It was fun. I was just damn tired, dunno from what also, all I remember is a lot of walking around, taking pics, talking to people, carrying food…all that.
At night there’s left a trickle of guests left but the band was still there playing. Pat and I hung around cuz we wanted to see what wedding presents Shikin and Wandi got. One by one they peeled off the present paper and opened each box. Of course, she opened the nice necklace Pat and I got for her. ^_^

Then in the middle of it all, suddenly everyone rushed to the window to look outside. I wondered what was going on until I saw Shikin’s grandfather was dancing outside along with the band music! Wahlau le! Steady la their grandfather. Then the grandchildren (Shikin, Effy and their siblings) made a beeline through the guests and chairs.

Next thing I know, one was pouring water into a cup, the other patting his back, the other two sitting there looking concerned and asking what in the world was he doing. His answer was that all the people are not celebrating and dancing to the music as they should at an after wedding party so he decided to take matters into his own hands! That’s one gutsy granddad I tell you.
I thought it was over but in a week up comes, the ceremony where the bride goes back to the groom's house. *Can't remember what this ceremony is called!* XD
Note: I had fun taking all these pictures. Yes I like taking pictures and this one on the left is my favourite pic out of the whole lot.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Berbadak...

Woke up the next day at the sound of the ‘orang tua’ knocking at the door of Shikin’s room cuz it was already time for her mandi. I dun know what it was exactly but I had to go out anyway. When I entered the kitchen that morning simply to greet the parents good morn, lo and behold, there’s Shikin’s mother at the back with a big ass bloody cleaver, mobile phone held between her ear and shoulder, talking a mile a minute.

It was really something of an eye opener as she went on to complain about yesterday’s buffet to the unfortunate person at the other end of the line and chopping up chunks of beef. First thing on my mind was, “Where did she get all that meat?” There was bags and bags load of beef. *Did she get mad at the bland buffet yesterday? Was she so pissed that she went out with that cleaver and killed a cow?*

Effy grinned “Nada lah, order lah.” Oh…cuz I swear, her mom that morning looked cool enough to kill something with her bare hands. Kinda like Resident Evil cool, blood, big chopper and all.

Basically we lolled around the house because things aren’t starting to happen until later that evening. It was only until mid afternoon that Effy and I managed to get our asses into a car and run errands for the household. Buy extension, big plastic covers for the food, tomato sauce, etc, etc, etc. When we got back, we hung around shikin’s room cuz basically most of the hantaran was transferred there and plus, shikin’s still not yet allowed to go out. You can imagine how hard it is to be cooped inside your own house/room for three whole days, it would drive any sane person mad.

During the evening she was getting ready. Make up artist made her lovely as usual with her hair and face all dolled up. *sigh* My *ahem* lovely Shikin is getting married (already married since her nikah was the day before), now left only Effy and I the bachelorettes.

That night they preformed the berbadak ceremony. This is where they sprinkle some fragant stuff on to her hands, kinda like a blessing I think. I didn’t ask what it was all about nor did I take a close look at what it actually was. I was afraid they might want to ask me to preform the simple ritual as well. For all I know, I might trip and spill the whole thing on Shikin. >_<

That night there was more makan, which we again brought to the living room upstairs for the make up artist and the photographer.

I decided to stay another night, cuz the next say is the ‘sanding’. Plus my car was still blocked so can't escape. Haha.

To be continued…