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Sunday, January 09, 2011

YEAR 2011

I won’t talk about why I’ve been MIA from the blog sphere for so long (laziness) or what I’ve been doing all this time (gaming/work) but important thing is now I’m updating (Ya!). So let’s talk about my plans for 2011.


Ooo…I’m getting back to my religious roots. Yes, I’m relearning, reviving and recognizing my faith again. What is my religious vocation? I have no idea and I’ve learned even though it’s important for me to realize what’s my calling but it’s also alright to take it one step at a time. If I try too hard and too fast, it’s most likely I’d trip or fumble and lost hold of something dear which has had happened before, so I’m not going to make the same mistake twice.

I’m a roman catholic. I’ve been out of touch for so long, a few people were surprised when they found out. (=.=) But that doesn’t matter really. What is important is that now I’m enjoying what I’m doing and I hope what I’m doing is according to the Lord’s plan (most probably it is whether I know it or not. Lol)

My goals religiously this year?

- Attend Vicarate of Young Adults regularly and learn
- Teach Sunday School for Year 6 with my Godmother
- Help with the youth program at St John’s Church
- Participate in World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid Spain
- Hope to help out in the next CHOICE
- Join in more Taize

This year the Festival of Praise will be held in SJC which would mean a lot of busy going on. I have so many fond memories of Fest of Praise ’99 so I am willing to do anything I can to help out the committee this year.


To do better despite of whatever negativity I might encounter this year! Gambatte!

Also just on a side note, I’m prepped to do some English tuition this year to earn a bit more for my World Youth Day 2011 fund. I need 4k to go. GAMBATTE!


Doc actually said my BP is borderline. Ouch. You know, over 6 years at my other job, my health was alright, even though I am overweight but it was still alright. Now with this new job (baru 2 years kalia) suddenly doc says my BP is teetering on the edge of high? Huh, figures.

It’s okay, cuz I want to lose weight anyway. I need to get fit for World Youth Day cuz there will be a lot of walking, a – lot – lot – lot of walking. So yeah, better be prepared.

Now I’m trying out a new diet thing called ‘The Right Approach’ or ‘TRA’ from Pharmanex (with NuSkin). Basically I eat a regular breakfast (cereal or bread), then good balanced lunch (rice, meat, veg and fruit) and night time I can only have fruits or veg. Through out the day I take about 29 pills of supplements and night time I drink a cup of their protein shake formula. I also apply a kind of slimming/body shaping cream on every morning and night.

I haven’t lost one pound at all.

BUT, my measurements went down. I have more energy to do stuff now (don’t feel so blah.) My memory improved (true). I also don’t feel so bloated anymore.

Oh pls don’t get me wrong. I’m not promoting ‘TRA’ or anything. I’m just saying I’m doing whatever I can to get into better shape. The next step is to actually do some exercise. Yeah, my measurements went down despite I didn’t do any exercise at all.

Of course, once in a while I treat myself to some good eating, like sushi and cake. I ain’t doing this to cut myself off and thus making myself miserable. Moderation is the key word here. Like today I had a good lunch at Wy Wy cuz my aunt wanted to treat us but I have a function at Cottage tonite, so what I do is I eat a lot of veg, soup, fruit and little fish maybe. Nothing fried or crab loaded.

So that's what I'm up to for this year. I pray I get 2/3 of this list done at least. Hahaha! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! ^_^