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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya!

Dunno why I like joining in their festivities so much. I guess it’s because somehow it reminded me of my childhood years. You see, during the Chinese New Year, it would always be a big fuss. My aunts would make cakes and biscuits with my grandmother (Father’s side).

There would be endless shopping for decorations, new clothes and foods. Eveythough everybody was busy to the max but everyone enjoyed them. Then on the first day of Chinese New Year, all the relatives could come to my grandmother’s house and we would hang out there the whole day and play fire crackers at night.

That’s what I miss the most.

Ever since my grandmother died, relatives have less and less reason to drop by the house to say hello. Who could blame them? Especially when my dad disappears to go fishing and mom goes off to Merudi for the first few days of CNY. Which is why last year I went to Miri with my mom, it’s more festive there but I still miss visiting all my cousins.

I promised my other grandmother (Mother’s side) that I would be in Merudi for the next coming CNY. That is, if my mother and siblings are going too, she can’t expect me to go alone, does she? The boat ride alone from Miri to Merudi is tiring as it is and noisy as hell too.

I didn’t realise I would be so occupied during the Raya season this year. I was confident that I would only be visiting Shikin’s house on the first day of raya and that’s it. Cuz my work place only close for the first day of Raya. I wasn’t planning on doing anymore than that.

Since Effy came back from KL I thought I would just drop by sometime and chit chat, spend time with Shikin also, since darling Danish keeps her house bound 24/7. And it was fun hanging out at their house helping out whatever.

Haha, instead of a normal chit chat, we surfed, traded guitar lessons, put up the new curtains, arranged the furniture. Macam macam ada.

The next day I visited, they were so busy that I ended up cutting cake and putting them in trays. Effy was also tired out, until she lost her temper on a modern broom. Haha! Poor girl was so tired (she only slept at 4am in the living room the previous night.) out that she threw the broom in frustration. Lol! First time I see someone frustrated over a broom. If can, I’ll buy for her a Harry Potter broom stick instead. But remember Effy, Sean Biggerstaff is mine. He’s Andrew’s father you know.

But it was all fun throughout the Raya week. Until mom asked where I’ve been cuz she hardly sees me at home. Haha, even Shikin’s dad joked to his relatives, “There’s the chinese daugther I adopted.” Ai, uncle, from where did you pick me up then? Aku ni dari sampah mana kan? (omg, come to think of it, there’s a huge dumpster around that area too!)

At least uncle’s joke is better than his own daughter. Shikin lagi tah, called me “Amah Shanghai.” Boleh. At first she called me ‘Amah Guang Zao’.
Then I dunno why I replied, “Eh, my ancestors not from Guang Zao ah, they are from Shanghai le.”
Ok, why not? She immediately changed my title to ‘Amah Shanghai’. Not much improvement there. *sigh*

Dammit, for all this I go through, she better freaking give a generous, big fat green packet of ‘duit raya’ to Andrew.

I think it was also partly because Shikin’s grandmother was telling me a little about the past. That back in Shell’s glory days, all the ang moh employees had shiny cars, lived in the bungalows or the Canadian houses and all of them had employed Cantonese maids in white uniforms and long braids. Dun play play, these Cantonese maids could speak good enligsh yo. Haha.

Man, I love talking to old people.They have such interesting stories to tell.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Whatever May Be, May Be ~

I’ve been transferred to the Seria branch for two months now and I can tell you so far, it’s been real peaceful and quiet. I enjoy the time I get to spend with my family. The stupid arguments I have once a week at least with my brother.

Mom and I somehow have come to a truce of some sort. If I don’t mess up her kitchen and she doesn’t butt into my personal business, then all is well. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I dislike talking with mother, but she has way of speaking to me as if she was throwing verbal daggers laced with poisonous sarcasm. I know she doesn’t mean to speak like that with her children. Mom is just never comfortable with showing her emotions. Between the bluntness, the sarcasm, the critisms, she genuinely cares. I’ve come to understand that. However, that doesn’t mean I am an expert at dodging all her verbal daggers like Neo in Matrix.

Ah well, home isn’t home without her. Why even last week she and I made chocolate chips cookies together in a ‘mom and daughter team’ moment thing. It wasn’t unpleasant but I won’t be doing it any time soon though, it’s like making cookies with the last dowager empress of china. Terrified at the thought of a wrong word I could be sentenced to a death of a thousand cuts.

You know my brother and I have a code for when Mom is in a bad mood and starts scolding everyone till they turn black. We would say, “Careful, Mom keluar power today. Nag skill + 85% critical rate.” Man, we are really horrid children.

Oh yeah, while I am in KB, I read in the papers about the first Animal Shelter in Brunei. I can’t tell you how glad I was to find that people out there actually did something about it. You see, I’ve been reading forever in the papers in the opinion section about the complaints of the strays wandering around and breeding freely in public. Typical, a lot of people wrote in about the problem but no one has taken the intiative. Finally now I see that there is someone in Brunei who genuinely cared enough to do something about it. I joined their worthy cause and they tell me that they need more help in BSB than in KB. So I will report in for duty when I return to the capital. They need a lot of help so volunteers are always welcomed.

Speaking of pets, I got a friend who has quiet a few pets but no worries about abandament there cuz those are quality purebred dogs. The latest addition and my favourite is Cola, the American Cockerel Spaniel. I’ve always been partial to cockerel spaniels from the early days of watching Lady and the Tramp. Cola is really an adorable whirlwind of puppy flesh. I love his floppy ears but I’ve read somewhere that they need careful handling and proper care esp those ears cuz that’s where bacteria breeds most.

Also, speaking of careful handling and proper care, I’m happy to announce that Shikin gave birth to a lovely baby boy. Danish Daniel (DD for short) is just coming to a month old and he’s the cutest, most capi capi, adorable little munchkin. Pat, Shikin and I were talking baby stuff (well, they were, my last exp with raising a baby was 10 yrs ago.) and Pat suggested they both bring their boys out go Raya visiting together. But then what about me le? Nvm, can also, I bring Andrew! Who is Andrew? My baby la! 100% cotton yo. Made in China again. Steady le? *lol*

Sigh, it seems just a while ago I was blogging about Shikin and Pat’s weddings…and now I’m talking about their babies. Pural some more! Aiyah, makes me feel so old la, friends getting married and having tiny tots. Wait, dun get the wrong idea. I don’t feel like having a tiny tot myself or anything like that. Goodness no. Not yet anyway. What I meant was that I was feeling a little sad and nostalgic of how time flew right out of my hand just like that. I don’t know where I am anymore. I am in the present but it feels like my heart is in the past while my mind is on the future.

Que sera sera?