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Taking leaps of faith only to fall in step with Him.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

It’s been a while since I last blogged anything. I blame it entirely on Ragnarok…and work…well…just Ragnarok then. *Haha*

I just got my salary yesterday but after paying all my bills, I find I’m broke again. Only this time I’m broke with more credibility. -_-“

Early happy Halloween to all those celebrating this interesting western holiday, where everyone dress up and gets free candy for it. Well, for the kids anyway.

I remember when I was 12 and living in the Panaga Area, I once dress up as a crippled hunchback (pillow stuffed at my back and a plank taped to my leg), my best friend Rana was a mummy (the toiler paper kept falling off her), my brother was a bleeding zombie (blue and green make up and tomato sauce on an old t shirt) and his best friend Patrick was a vampire. Our collection for that night was one apple, two lollies, strepsils and small but brightly wrapped candy.

It wasn’t the candy that I remember most about that night. It was the time we toilet papered a house whose owner shooed us away (we did say “TRICK or treat.” How much fun it was roaming around the neighbourhood, meeting up other kids and staying up past our bedtime.

Raya is coming up just around the corner, kiddies, are you ready for it? I am, haha, planning to go around visiting all my malay friends and my malay staff on the 1st day of Raya. Gonna hunt for kek batik and green ang pow. (Aren’t you a bit too old for ang pow, red OR green? XD …No!) I even have my baju kurung all ready and waiting. Hehehe, it’s gonna be fun cuz this is the 1st Raya for me in my hometown after 4 years living in the capital. Plus, most of my friends are back from Uni overseas. It’s gonna be uber fun.

But it will not as much fun as I will have during Chinese New Year. (duh! You’re Chinese, of course, you’ll have more fun!) I can’t wait! XD

Then let’s not forget Christmas…

Wait! ROFL! I almost forgot my birthday! It’s coming on the 30th December! How old am I this year? Well…okay, I’ll tell you since I’m not ashamed of my age (yet). I’m turning 25yrs old this year. Isn’t that lovely? It’s a very lovely number. I’m at the prime of my life and it’s gonna get better! Woohoo!

Kek batik, green ang pow, Christmas cards and birthday pressies are most welcome! Hahaha.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Today I checked on my friend's blog and saw she took an animal personality test.

I tried it out and the results are...

What Is Your Animal Personality?

brought to you by Quizilla


I'm a horse! Hahahaaha! Are you guys ready for this? I wasn't. E-to... let's see, shall we?

Caring, free-spirited and full of compassion. [Me love everybodee! Muah muah!]

You are well loved and for all the right reasons. [My boobs? Well, they are pretty nice I guess... Maybe I should run for president one day...only in brunei there are no presidents, damn.]

You enjoy the company of others & try to keep them happy, making you a 1st class friend. [Ppl, hear dat? Me 1st class fren eh, no some low class chabo. Woot!]

"Me 1st class, me enjoy keeping you company, keep you happy long time. Ok?" ROFL! [Not like that! Aiyah! What you thinking oh? I dunno eh.]

You want a warm place to call home, but you always have the urge to escape. [Totally right, i just want to go home and cook mee goreng, but when i see my mom's car home, i kia to the nearest mee mamak stall. Can't stand my mom nagging me 24/7, esp when i cook mee goreng for some reason...]

So there ya go.

Click here for your Animal Personality Quiz!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ore wa hitore ja nai... (I am not alone)

You know there are always times when it’s bad or depressing. When the one you are fond of most isn’t with you anymore. Perhaps you feel alone even when you are in a crowded room. Or maybe when you are in bed, staring into the darkness, and thinking about what happened in the day time or wondering what dreams you might have when you sleep.

Suddenly you feel heavy deep within, as if someone poured in cement to harden your heart and seal your soul.

But it’s not as simple as it seems. The human heart and soul is not easily sealed as long as you have others, other people who have their faith in you, who believe in you, who trust you. It doesn’t matter if you deserve it or not. It doesn’t matter if they are not around or if they don’t exist in this world anymore.

The main thing is that they are attached to you. The string of your faith is woven in the complex cloth of life. One string may not make much of a difference, but with many strings, it creates a beautiful design. If one string is cut, then that piece of cloth becomes less beautiful, a little bare.

So today, smile and know that you have people’s faith in you. Your teacher put faith in you to pass your class, your boss counts on you to do your work and your parents hope the best for you. Although sometimes crap happens, it’s true, there’s no way to avoid the unavoidable.


I believe there’s a reason for everyone to be here. Even if we don’t know what that reason might be, and might never know until we die, but it’s there. No one is brought into this world without a reason to live. Everyone has a purpose.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Something Smells Fishy…

Today I went to ODGC again in attempt to download the latest RO patch. I didn’t manage to download it all and here I explain why. I spoke about the dangers of the koi pond before in my ‘Big Band Demand’ entry in the ‘Sweet L33t’ blog. Take a look at these latest pictures. Live baby!

A few visitors didn’t take notice the sign and they ended up so.

I was too busy taking pics to help them... may they rest in peace.

After the feasts of human flesh they still wanted more as they swam around in large schools. Notice their patterns are predatory like. Their beady little eyes watching me hungrily.

But then, watching all that I got hungry myself. Dinner time. Went home and had Maki Zushi (rolled sushi) for dinner.

What goes around, comes around, I guess.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I Survived

Today is Saturday and the worst part of the week is over. Now I can relax and enjoy my monthly pay. Well, enjoy that I have some money at least. For the better part of last week I have been scraping the bottom hole of my kitty bank to pay for parking space tickets.

First, a rant on yesterday’s crappy happenings. I got to work as normal only to be given the message that my boss will be coming down at 11am NOT 12pm as planned. So our executive had the courtesy to let us know at the bloody last minute (10am) and added, “Please, finish up the stock inventory by the time they arrive.”

Gawd damn.

I can tell you my staff and I rushed through it. Thing is, (I should fire my staff for this or something) my exec also instruct us to help each other writing in the figures from our own lists to the main list BUT my staff forgot that little fact. So then my other staff was left alone with finishing up her list of figures.

Okay, I know we should help up since it needed to be done fast but we have a rule of helping out other staff in their own stock count. In the past we had cases where when one staff is helping the other, if a problem comes up, a wrong figure or expiration date, they would start playing the blaming/finger pointing game. So this is why we didn’t help out.

When my exec arrived with my boss’s right hand woman (oh, my boss couldn’t make it), she blasted me right in front of everyone. Not even a “Good morning, girls.”


She flamed me with questions as why the main list isn’t complete and why aren’t we helping the last staff out. She TOLD us to help. This is happening when the staff who took the message via phone was in the restroom.

I was flabbergasted. I told her I didn’t know what she is talking about and reminded her about our rule of solitary stock count and record it in. She then barked at the staff to pass the rest of the stock take to me. I can actually feel my face go BLACK. I mean it’s alright if I actually did something wrong, but to be blamed for something I didn’t know I should be doing, then flamed in front of my staff and the boss’s right hand woman, THEN be barked an order like that. I can tell you I was not a happy lady.

Later when she cooled down (the other staff was also questioned and told her yes, she forgot.) she then instructed the other staff to help out and then we finally finished the list. I was too busy helping the right hand woman to really care. I didn’t speak to her much after that. She talked to me about the write off in previous months as normal and I answered just as normal.

I can’t pretend it didn’t happen, but I know she’s smart enough to know that she did wrong. Well, it’s because when she makes a mistake, she would gloss over it and try to make amends with us the staff. I’m not saying it’s fair but she’s in charge of us, so yeah, have to give her SOME face.

So after that, they left as soon as they finished printing the reports from our cash register CPU. I blew a sigh of frustrated relief. I now have put the matter aside and promptly named my exec the ‘Puffer Fish’, whenever a puffer fish gets excited or senses danger or gets angry, they blow up and are full of poison but looks comical at the same time.

Can we say ‘FUGU’?