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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Aja! Gambatte! Jia Yew! Courage, woman, COURAGE!

Things haven't been going well for me lately.

As most of you probably know by now that I had an accident about a month ago. Don't worry, no one was hurt eventhough I rammed into another car rather badly and that car bumped into the car before it.

*depressing cloud hangs overhead*

Many thanks to Serena and her family. Because of them I've been doing well eventhough I don't have a car.

It's something in this month's air that seems to have drained most of us financially.

Mom was nagging at me about the car repairs. It's about $1400 in total, plus the previous repairs on the engine 3 months ago at about $900. So grand total is $2300.

* faints *

I already paid my parents $1000 and now it's left $1300.

*sigh* To think I just had my bank account and supa save card problems sorted out, now pops out another financial calamity.

It's been hard on my mother as well. My brother quit his job roughly the same time I had my accident and he's done nothing since. According to mom that all he does is sleep late, eat, hang around the house - annoying her endlessly - and play games till God knows what time. Rinse and repeat. He's stopped buying the house groceries and helping out with the bills.

It's all up to my mom and dad now. But these days it's difficult for my dad to find jobs. Mom works harder than ever and it's something I'm in awe about. She's really is the best something and really don't deserve such troubles.

I don't know what I can do to help other than to send in more money. Hopefully in my appraisal this coming June would improve matters somewhat. I don't expect much but every bit helps.

Sometimes listening to my mother I can't help feeling how trivial my problems are. I dropped Josey (BenQ laptop) a couple of weeks ago and now she's got a lovely crack on the left side of her. Thank God she still works the next day cuz the night before I was tears, she just wouldn't turn on that nite. Dark hours in my life.

Even before I dropped Josey though, funny things been happening to her. The left side of her screen has three vertical lines in green or sometimes they change into two green stripes and one yellow. I felt it's perhaps Josey's way of communicating me in visual morse code.

Then one day my Photoshop CS2 started to act funny. It was extremely slow and sometimes even freezes. I'm thinking now I have to re-install the program cuz my creative soul can't live without it.

*sigh* Gambatte, ne?