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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weekly Program

Lately been so busy at work that I haven’t had time for anything else, much less updating my blog. You wanna know my weekly schedule?

Monday – work and Bible Study (which I haven’t been able to attend due to functions, food poisoning, sprained ankle, etc)

Tuesday – work and free time. Usually a movie / surfing the net / reading.

Wednesday – work and Vicarate of Young Adult Faith Formation

Thursday – work and free time. Usually a movie / surfing the net / reading.

Friday – work and perhaps dropping by my Godmother’s house to review the
Sunday School lesson and activities. Otherwise it’s reviewing the coming Monday Bible study’s lesson.

Saturday – sometimes work, sometimes free time, sometimes errands, it’s varies depending on what my family wants me to do. Sometimes I accompany mum to shop at the open air market. It’s real interesting to see the many types of produce the local farmers sell here. Mom greets many of the vendors and haggle like a true pro in all her housewifery glory. Sometimes I spend the evening at Pat’s kitchen with Shikin for a chat fest. It's fun when their boys are around cuz they are just adorable! XD

Sunday – church, Sunday school and afternoon off. This is the only true relaxing afternoon of which I treat myself to a movie/anime/series session on the couch. Evening I sometimes spend with Pat and Shiking but more likely I’ll be at home, getting ready to start another week.

Other than that I also try to make time to read the daily gospel everyday and recite rosary at least once a week (which is usually taken care of every Wednesday with the VYA faith formation). Once Father Dominic advised to keep a spiritual journal of sorts and I’m trying to do as well. Plus I got a couple of books (okay, I admit, more than just a couple…) I want to finish off when I got the time.

There is an interesting one that Aunty J lent me to read titled, ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ which has a 40 days plan, so thinking about reading that through Lent.

I’m not saying I’m getting all of this done. Sometimes I miss out on a few. However, it’s comforting to me when I get some done and I feel better in a way that I cannot explain. A spiritual fulfillment? Perhaps. I’m not too sure about it myself. But I do know this, I have become happier every passing day. I fret less and forgive more. My stress level continues to fluctuate but it no longer bothers me as much as it use to. So I guess, things are getting better everyday and I have Him to thank for it. ^_^

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